How the chip yard works

Generally the yard works very well. Thank you for bringing your chip and logs to us.
If you haven’t already you need to register with us and get a green sticker for each vehicle.
I would just like to make sure you know the following:

  • We don’t charge for you to tip woodchip and logs but it must be reasonable quality, separated and tipped in the appropriate pile. The logs should not be too long, we need to be able to move them about.
  • When you are tipping chip and logs we don’t mind you offloading a small amount of compostable green waste (against the short concrete block wall), for example, the stuff you brush up at the end of the day. But any more than a bin bag and it needs to be paid for.
  • Always check every load for litter and take it with you.
  • Any branches or roots need to be paid for.
  • If payment has to be made this has to be done at Tanyard Farm BEFORE you go to the yard (a map of the farm location is on the contact page of the website). Therefore you can only bring anything that needs to be paid for in our opening hours.
  • Roots are a bit of a problem for us to deal with at the moment (they can’t be chipped). We prefer it if you can avoid bringing roots to us, but if it can’t be avoided always phone us first before making a journey.
  • We need to make sure the gate is kept closed to stop animals getting to the road. If no-one else is in the yard/around the shed please close the gate no matter what time of day it is. If you use the yard outside our normal hours (Mon-Fri 8.30-5.00, Sat 10.00-12.00) then close the gate when you leave even if someone else is on site.
  • If a job runs late and going to the yard outside normal hours is unavoidable please text me before you enter the site (07535 025888). I won’t reply but it will mean I can expect to see activity there (I get an alert to my phone when a vehicle goes down the track).
  • Please do let me know if you see someone tipping anything they shouldn’t. We work a lot on trust and if anyone abuses that I don’t want them to come. If there are any problems there are 9 cameras recording 24 hours a day but it takes time to go back through all the footage.